Family Therapy

Family Therapy in the context of a separation/divorce situation is a type of therapy involving a family in which children and parents are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. The types of issues families may be experiencing can include a parent being estranged from or rejected by a child or a parent becoming active in a child’s life after having been absent from the child’s life for a long period of time, a child having problems going back and forth between homes, or problematic behaviors being displayed by family members. This therapy is focused on building, rebuilding, or improving the relationship between parents and children. This type of Family Therapy is usually court-ordered or agreed upon by parents who are separating or divorcing or are separated/divorced.

The first step is for all members of the family to have an individual intake session with Dr. Bresnick and for Dr. Bresnick to review any relevant court documents. Next, Dr. Bresnick will determine how to proceed, whether that be individual sessions with particular family members or joint sessions among family members. The pace of therapy will vary depending on the issues and individuals involved. It should be noted that a Family Therapist cannot make parenting time decisions or recommendations.

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