Family Therapy

When one member of the family is struggling with a difficult situation or destructive behavior or thought patterns, the entire family is affected. Conversely, the family often plays a role in or contributes to each member’s struggles and solutions to problems.  Just about all of us can point to maladaptive behavior and interactions in our families-of-origin.  Some of these we can effectively deal with or even laugh about, but sometimes problems in a family can be more difficult to overcome and can affect family members in more negative ways.  In family therapy sessions, I work with each member to understand their perspectives and feelings about what goes on in the family and help each member to understand their effect on the rest of the family.  Sometimes, this alone is enough to create change in a family, and sometimes further intervention is needed.  I generally find that family members are able to interact with one another in therapy sessions in ways they have not been able to before, and this often creates change.

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